Fournisseur Cultura Atex Valves Application Of The Regulation And Risk

This report is a standard document for the analysis of hazardous phenomena winthin scope of ATEX directive concerning every valve family with its non electric manual automatic actuators. The AFPR federates contributes to vitality of french industries more specifically via permanent regulatory monitoring collective actions conducted together Cetim (French Industrial Mehanical Technical Centre) as soon as a technical expertise is deemed necessary.


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Fournisseur Cultura Contrôle Des Décollements Separated Flow Control

The conception of aeronautic system or road vehicle faces challenging issues such as: prediction of receptivity modes generated by the actuation, development of optimal and robust control, closed loop, of micro scale actuators sensors, use of energy conversion, establishment of measure fast estimation process, . To address these issues, a better understanding of underlying physics related interactions are needed. In context of aerodynamic performance


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Roland FD 8 Hi Hat Control. Actuator

Roland FD 8 Hi Hat Control. Actuator, Actionneur de contrôleur de charleston, Adapté aux modèles FD 6, 7 & 8, HD 1, TD 1, Numéro de référence du fabricant: C6200053R1


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